Wedding Day

The light of the noon sun danced brilliantly off of the harbor, reflecting up through the palace's picture windows and painting the high ceiling with waves of cascading colors. The windows, lightly frosted from the mid-winter cold, were flanked by huge marble flower pots filled with purple lisianthus, white alba roses, and black veilwood tulips. … Continue reading Wedding Day


Pre-Fall | Post-Fall Factions of the Pre-Fall Era The following are some of the factions found in Cambria during The Veilwood campaign. Elven Kingdom of Shar'Thada Capital City: Shar'Thada, BoreaNational Language: SindarinEthnic Groups: Elf (80%), Borean Half-Elf (12%), Borean (6%), Other (2%)Population: 4.3 millionOfficial Religion: SeldarineGovernment Type: Constitutional MonarchyHead of State: King Darcassan Rallathil The … Continue reading Factions