The Drow of Cambria are distant cousins of the Elves. This race entry replaces the one from the Player's Handbook, and is now a standalone racial choice. Drow are very similar to High Elves with respect to their height and build, with finer, often delicate features. They move with a natural fluidity and grace that … Continue reading Drow



Pre-Fall | Post-Fall Factions of the Pre-Fall Era The following are some of the factions found in Cambria during The Veilwood campaign. Elven Kingdom of Shar'Thada Capital City: Shar'Thada, BoreaNational Language: SindarinEthnic Groups: Elf (80%), Borean Half-Elf (12%), Borean (6%), Other (2%)Population: 4.3 millionOfficial Religion: SeldarineGovernment Type: Constitutional MonarchyHead of State: King Darcassan Rallathil The … Continue reading Factions