Aasimar are the distant offspring of humans and celestials, bearing the qualities of both in varied measure. While they look mostly human, they are usually remarkably beautiful and possess excellent genetics. Aasimar burn fat and build muscle quickly, and are known for being both wise and charismatic.  Aasimar Traits Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases … Continue reading Aasimar


StarWarsFinder: A Star Wars Total Conversion for Starfinder

By Steve "Whiskey" Wilson Gameplay Changes | Species | Classes | Feats | The Force System | Equipment A Total System Overhaul This began as a Force-casting system overhaul for SW5e but, despite the name, I realized that SW5e just wasn't the best fit for a Star Wars game. The main reason for this is … Continue reading StarWarsFinder: A Star Wars Total Conversion for Starfinder

Maledictae Presents: BattleTech

Welcome These rules are fuelled by Starfinder, a science fiction adaptation of Pathfinder by Paizo. You do not need the Starfinder rulebook to play since we aren't really using their game - just their character sheets and dice rolling system. The classes, feats, races, spells, and items are all replaced with features explained in this … Continue reading Maledictae Presents: BattleTech

Weekly Event Schedule

SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayMaledictae Presents: Sixty SixStar Wars 5eDiscord & Foundry VTT1500 EDT | 1900 UTCOpenColonial MarinesAlien RPG: Colonial MarinesDiscord & Foundry VTT1900 EDT | 2359 UTCOpenMaledictae Presents: The Great Galactic WarStar Wars 5eDiscord & Foundry VTT1800 EDT | 2200 UTCOpenOpen Events may overlap. If you are interested in hosting an event with Maledictae, contact a staff member … Continue reading Weekly Event Schedule


Pre-Fall | Post-Fall Factions of the Pre-Fall Era The following are some of the factions found in Cambria during The Veilwood campaign. Elven Kingdom of Shar'Thada Capital City: Shar'Thada, BoreaNational Language: SindarinEthnic Groups: Elf (80%), Borean Half-Elf (12%), Borean (6%), Other (2%)Population: 4.3 millionOfficial Religion: SeldarineGovernment Type: Constitutional MonarchyHead of State: King Darcassan Rallathil The … Continue reading Factions