Server Information

Server Name: Maledictae Vietnam Liberation
Port: 2321
Mission: Maledictae KP Vietnam Liberation
Mods Needed: See our current HTML modlist.
Password: None

For the most up to date information, please visit our Discord.

Server Rules

Failure to abide by the following basic rules could result in instantaneous and permanent removal.

1. Be respectful. Griefing, harassment, verbal abuse, racism, and general disrespect is not tolerated.

2. Do not intentionally teamkill. Accidents happen, but repeat offenses will be considered intentional.

3. No cheating. This includes the use of hacks, unapproved modifications, abuse of Zeus privileges, and making use of exploits.

4. Employ weapon systems appropriately. Avoid negligent discharge (unintentional firing), shooting in bases (except when repelling an attack), or using inappropriate weapons for a given scenario or target.

5. Make good use of resources. Avoid treating vehicles as disposable taxis, which is unrealistic and may impact server performance.

6. Utilize voice comms while filling critical roles. Critical roles include leadership, pilot, medic, and fire support roles.

7. Work together. ARMA is best when played in groups – engage with others on the server to fill roles and achieve objectives.