Human Ethnic Groups

Here are the major human ethnic groups represented on the planet of Cambria:


[Native American]
These are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Flanaess. Their bronze skin ranges from a lighter coppery hue to deep brown. Their hair tends to be wavy or curly, and from black to brown.


[Middle Eastern]
These are golden-skinned humans hailing from the central mainland continent of Oerth, west of the Flanaess. Baklunish hair is usually straight, dark, and very fine, and their eyes tend toward green. They have long limbs and facial features, with high cheekbones.


[Caucasian Blend]
The people of Borea are an admixture of several ethnicities, primarily Flanae, Oeridian, Nord and Tian. Due to this, their appearances tend to vary greatly, with a wide variety of builds, hair colours, and eye colours. Borean people are typically of average size and have fair skin. Nord. [Scandinavian] The Nords occupy the northern reaches of Borea. Nords tend to have stronger builds and fair skin. They have straight or wavy hair that can be blonde, red, or brown.


[Western European]
These people, the descendents of proud horse nomads from central Oerik, have olive or tan skin and any colour of hair from honey-blonde to black. The Oeridians founded the mighty kingdoms during the Elder Days, long before The Fall, and their influence can be found on everything from language to culture in the Flanaess and Borea. There are three major subgroups of Oeridian: Eastern (French), Western (German), and Keoland (Spanish).


The Olman are a brown-skinned people found mainly in the tropics of Hepmonland and the Chult Archipelago. Their hair is straight and black, and their eyes are very dark. They have high cheekbones and high-bridged noses.


The Rhennee have olive-toned skin like the Oeridians, but darker, curlier hair. They tend to be short, but wiry and strong. They are a very different people culturally, living as nomadic river-dwellers aboard barges or in travelling caravans.


The Suloise are pale, some nearly albino, with curly hair of blonde or red. They tend to be narrow and lean. They originate from the north-central lands of the mainland continent of Oerik, but their ancestral homelands were the hardest hit during The Fall and now most have either integrated into other societies or live as nomadic hunter-gatherers. They are distant cousins of the Nords, who descended from Suloise explorers who first visited Borea several millennia before The Fall.


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