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Factions of the Pre-Fall Era

The following are some of the factions found in Cambria during The Veilwood campaign.

Elven Kingdom of Shar’Thada

Capital City: Shar’Thada, Borea
National Language: Sindarin
Ethnic Groups: Elf (80%), Borean Half-Elf (12%), Borean (6%), Other (2%)
Population: 4.3 million
Official Religion: Seldarine
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: King Darcassan Rallathil

The Elven Kingdom of Shar’Thada is a constitutional monarchy currently under the rule of King Darcassan Rallathil. The Kingdom has claims to Borea’s Great Central Forest and the Veilwood east of the Steelhead River. Shar’Thada’s key cities are Shar’Thada (the capital), Caelfall, Cardus, Darkwell, and Damerel.

Shar’Thada recently signed an armistice with the Kingdom of Borea, halting decades of conflict. Many fear that fighting will soon resume, as Borean settlers continue to encroach upon the forests which Shar’Thada lays claim to.

Kingdom of Borea

Capital City: Borean Citadel, Borea
National Language: Borean
Ethnic Groups: Borean Human (75%), Borean Half-Elf (19%), Elf (4%), Other (2%)
Population: 11.8 million
Official Religion: Pelorian
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: King James the Brave

The Kingdom of Borea is an absolute hereditary monarchy under the rule of King James the Brave. This Kingdom’s territory stretches from the north shores of Victory Inlet south to the badlands that border the Ormarsh. Borea’s key cities are the Borean Citadel, Autumnwell, Haldrim, Ostermark, and Ardenia.

Jackson’s Holdfast

Capital City: Jackson’s Holdfast, Borea
National Language: Borean & Borean Halfling
Ethnic Groups: Borean Halfling (60%), Oeridian Halfling (10%), Borean Human (10%), Borean Half-Elf (8%), Other (12%)
Population: 1.2 million
Official Religion: Avandra
Government Type: Mercantile Republic
Head of State: Council of Nine

Jackson’s Holdfast is a mercantile republic led by a council of nine merchant houses. The Republic’s territory encompasses the lands surrounding Jackson’s Holdfast (the capital), Bywater and Deephollow.

Jackson’s Holdfast is often targeted by orc raiders, who cross the mountains from the Ormash to capture slaves for trade at the markets of Urshok and the Dead End Oasis.

Kingdom of Northrun

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is northrunflag.png
Flag of the Kingdom of Northrun

Capital City: Amberhold, Borea
National Language: Borean
Ethnic Groups: Borean Human (70%), Oeridian Human (10%), Borean Half-Elf (10%), Dwarven (6%), Other (4%)
Population: 3.7 million
Official Religion: Pelorian
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: King George Amber IV

The Kingdom of Northrun is a constitutional monarchy currently ruled by King George Amber IV. Northrun’s territory encompasses much of the Great Central Forest west of the Steelhead River and a large swath of the Northern Redwood Forest. The Kingdom’s key cities are Amberhold (the capital), Grapewood, Nightfort, Journey’s End, and Woodshisper Ferry (which is cooperatively managed by both Northrun and Shar’Thada).

Northrun maintains good relations with its neighbours. Its primary export is timber products from the immense forested land it claims.

The Amber Syndicate

Capital City: Milnet, Borea
National Language: Borean & Oeridian
Ethnic Groups: Borean Human (50%), Oeridian Human (30%), Borean Half-Elf (10%), Dwarven (5%), Other (5%)
Population: 5 million
Official Religion: Pelorian
Government Type: Mercantile Republic
Head of State: Merchant Council

The Amber Syndicate is a mercantile republic originally formed by a cadet branch of the Amber dynasty, cousins of Northrun’s ruling family. The Syndicate is ruled by a merchant council of the top five earning companies within the territory, chosen annually. The Syndicate is based out of Milnet, a large trading hub located on Borea’s western coast. The Amber Syndicate is unique in that its territory isn’t claimed by a collective, but rather encompasses the “company towns” of its member merchant houses. The key towns in the Syndicate are Milnet (the capital), Bellmead, Millstone, Peatsland, Wildspring, Foxhurst, Clearcost and Redacre.

Elven Kingdom of Gaeli’Then

Capital City: Gaeli’Then Citadel, Borea
National Language: Sindarin
Ethnic Groups: Elf (99%), Other (1%)
Population: 2.9 million
Official Religion: Seldarine
Government Type: Elective Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Queen Amarille Enoreth

Gaeli’Then is a closed Elven society ruled by Amarille Enoreth, the currently elected Queen. The Kingdom claims the western Northern Redwood Forest and the lands northwest of Lake Hillsfar. Gaeli’Then’s key cities are the Gaeli’Then Citadel (the capital), Pinitel, Shieldtree, Desnae, Mealidor (the kingdom’s main trade hub), Cylarion, Korim, Morimyr, and Elleromyr.

Dwarven Kingdom of the Misthammer Mountains

Capital City: Paragon Halls, Misthammer, Borea
National Languages: Dwarven (official), Borean
Ethnic Groups: Dwarven (98%), Other (2%)
Population: 10.8 million
Government Type: Feudal Elective Monarchy
Head of State: King Arran Red

The Dwarven Kingdom of the Misthammer Mountains is a large and proud nation of Dwarves, which encompass 98% of the population. The Kingdom is currently ruled by King Arran Red. This kingdom claims the Misthammer Mountains and the entirety of Borea’s southwestern peninsula.

Borean Norse Tribes

Capital City: Roskilde, Borea
National Language: Norse
Ethnic Groups: Norse Human (80%), Goliath (15%), Other (5%)
Population: 1.8 million
Government Type: No central government, but a “High King” is elected from among the settlement chiefs (Jarls) during times of war or great crisis.

The Norse tribes of northern Borea are not a formal faction, but a collection of independent Jarldoms who band together in times of war. Fighting among the tribes is common, as is raiding of their more southern neighbours. The primary settlements of the Norse are Roskilde (their unofficial capital, where their Grand Moots are held), Kobenhavn, Ravndal, Ebeltoft, and Holmfirth.

The Great Kingdom of Oeridia

Capital City: Rauxes, Flaeness (Eastern Mainland)
National Languages: Oeridian (official), Borean
Ethnic Groups: Oerid (59%), Flan (11%), Baklunish (9%), Halfling (8%), Suloise (6%), Olman (3%), Touv (2%), Other (2%)
Population: 120 million
Official Religion: Pelorian
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Queen Ophelia

Across the Icy Sea to the west of Borea lies the mainland continent, home to the Great Kingdom of Oeridia. The Great Kingdom is an absolute monarchy currently led by Queen Ophelia. Oeridia is the second largest faction on the planet, with over 120 million citizens. The Great Kingdom claims the entire east half of the mainland continent, all of which is ruled from its capital city of Rauxes. Oeridia’s key cities are Rauxes (the capital), Mentrey, Greyhawk, Niole Dra, and Sharkavir.

The Great Kingdom is plagued by political infighting, uprisings and minor civil wars, which has led the monarchy to rule with an increasingly iron fist. The strife within the kingdom has given rise to the “Oerid First” movement, a state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing of many of the nation’s minorities.

Minkai Empire

Capital City: Kasai, Western Mainland
National Languages: Tian (official)
Ethnic Groups: Tian (80%), Elf (10%), Other (10%)
Population: 540 million
Official Religion: Yana
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor Sun An

The largest and most powerful faction, though relatively isolationist. The Minkai Empire claims most of the western half of the mainland continent and is currently ruled by Emperor Sun An (Sun Dynasty).

Factions of the Post-Fall Era

The following are some of the factions found in Cambria after the Fall.

Caelfall Federation

Flag of the Caelfall Federation

Capital City: Caelfall
National Language: Borean
Ethnic Groups: Borean (70%), Borean Half-Elf (21%), Tian (7%), Other (2%)
Population: 1.8 million (2460 AF census)
Official Religion: Yana
Government Type: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Head of State: President Demetria Woodwhisper of Caelfall (elected 2465 AF)

The Caelfall Federation was founded in the year 999 AF following the collapse of the Kingdom of Shar’Thada when Caelfall, then referred to as the Republic of Caelfall, absorbed its collapsed southern neighbour. Caelfall had absorbed the fallen Kingdom of Borea, its eastern neighbour, two years prior, when it had fallen into disarray after the sudden death of its monarch.

Throughout the later years of the 10th century, Caelfall led a war effort against the Kingdom of Antaria, which had positioned itself as a dominant power in the south and sought to take over much of the world. The war was brutal and saw the destruction of most civilization in Borea and the near-total destruction of civilization in Antaria. When the dust settled, the Kingdom of Antaria was no more and Caelfall itself was a mere shadow of its former glory. Caelfall, along with the rest of the Borean continent, never fully recovered from this war. Many of the once-great cities that were home to so many now lie in ruin, mostly reclaimed by nature.

Despite its much-reduced state, the Caelfall Federation remains the dominant power of eastern Borea.

Ekbir Caliphate

Flag of the Ekbir Caliphate

Capital City: Sharkavir
National Language: Bakluni
Ethnic Groups: Baklunish (80%), Suloise (11%), Oeridian (4%), Half-Elf (3%), Other (2%)
Population: 13 million
Official Religion: Arafis
Government Type: Caliphate
Head of State: Caliph Aabid al-Satmak

The Ekbir Caliphate controls the vast territories west of the Yatmil Mountains, which border the western Flaeness, extending deep into the Risari Badlands in central Oerik. Ekbir’s cultural heritage is overwhelmingly Baklunish, which is heavily influenced by the Arafis religion, which is the official state religion. The original founding of the Ekbir Caliphate is unknown, but many scholars believe that the Caliphate predates the Fall by several millennia and has remained unchanged for much of this time, though suffering from the same loss of technological advancement as the rest of the world.

Ekbir once controlled the Keoland Valley in the Flanaess, but lost the territory during the Medegian Crusade Against the Caliphate of Ekbir in 1066. The Caliphate has made numerous attempts to reclaim the Keoland Valley, all of which have been unsuccessful to date.

Bakluni merchants from the lands of the Caliphate can be found trading their goods around the world, particularly along the Ifara Road, which connects the Flanaess to the west through Caliphate territory.

Dwarven Kingdom of the Misthammer Mountains

Capital City: Paragon Halls, Misthammer
National Languages: Dwarven (official), Borean
Ethnic Groups: Dwarven (100%)
Population: 1.6 million (2460 AF census)
Government Type: Feudal Elective Monarchy
Head of State: King Fovrid Silverbeard (elected 2421 AF)

At its height, the Dwarven Kingdom of the Misthammer Mountains (DKMM, or simply Misthammer) occupied huge swaths of land beyond the Misthammer Mountain range, occupying the entirety of Borea’s southwestern coast. Trade ships from Misthammer could be found in every major port of the world, and the products of Misthammer’s forges were sought after the world over. Today, the Kingdom is much smaller and almost entirely subterranean, with only a single major surface city, Fort Dalondak, through which the majority of Dwarven trade is conducted.

Though a mere shadow of their former glory, the Dwarves have not stood idle. There are murmerings in tap houses along the coast of increased Dwarven activity, signalling something big soon to come.

East Aerdy Company

Flag of the East Aerdy Company

Headquarters: Rel Astra (East Oeridia), City of Alagar (Southwestern Borea)
Languages: Borean (official), Oeridian
Ethnic Groups: Oerid (43%), Borean (36%), Halfling (9%), Dwarf (7%), Borean Half-Elf (4%), Other (1%)
Population: 1.9 million (2461 AF estimate)
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Leadership: Central Committee of 23 representatives (selected from EAC leadership in the company’s three primary trade regions); colonies are run by appointed governors.

The East Aerdy Company (EAC) is a joint-stock company founded in 2234 AF. It was formed to trade in the Aerdy Sea region, initially with Chult and its surrounding islands, followed by Borea, and more recently the Tian Empire (accessed via sailing east past Borea, across the Oceanum Titanicum). The company has been responsible for seizing much of the land in the Aerdy Sea from independent native island tribes and colonising the region.

Originally chartered as the “Governor and Company of Merchants of Rauxes Trading into East Aerdy”, the company has since risen to account for nearly half of the world’s trade, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, dyes, sugar, salt, spices, saltpetre, tea, opium, and slaves.

Most of the colonies in the East Aerdy region and along Borea’s southern and western coasts were founded and now managed by the East Aerdy Company, and East Aerdy Company ships can be found plying their trade between the Borean and Oerik continents day and night.

The EAC has its own military, which acts as a security force for its many assets but also as a police force in the colonies.

Holy See of Medegia & the Medegian Church

Flag of the Holy See of Medegia

Capital City: Mentrey
National Languages: Iokharic, Oeridian
Ethnic Groups: Oeridian (100%)
Population: 71,000 clergy, 45,000 guardia pontificia
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Government Type: Ecclesiastical Elective Theocracy
Head of State: Pontifex Renaud de Montesser

The Holy See of Medegia, also known as simply The Holy See, or the See of Medegia, is the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Medegia, known as the Pontifex, which includes the Diocese of Medegia with universal ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the worldwide Medegian Church, as well as the sovereign entity of international law, governing Medegia.

Medegia became independent from the Kingdom of Oeridia with the Medegia Treaty (1789 AF) and is now a sovereign territory under its own leadership. The Medegian Church, often referred to as the Oeridian Medegian Church, is the oldest and largest Da’vidah church, with approximately two thirds of worldwide Da’vidah followers counting themselves as members. The Medegian Church consists of over a hundred dioceses around the world. The church’s administration, the Holy See of Medegia, is in Mentrey, the Medegian capital.

Medegian churches can be found across the globe, and many missionaries can be found in the East Aerdy and Borean colonies. The Medegian Church wields tremendous power and its clergy are essentially above the law, answerable only to higher church administration.

Kingdom of Keoland

Flag of the Kingdom of Keoland

Capital City: Niole Dra
National Languages: Keoland Oerid (official), Oerid, Bakluni, Rhen, Iokharic, Borean
Ethnic Groups: Oeridian (40%), Bakluni (25%), Sulouise (10%), Flan (10%), Half-Elf (8%), Dwarven (5%), Other (2%)
Population: 9 million (2460 AF estimate)
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Government Type: Monarchy
Head of State: King Arturo I (Costa)

The Kingdom of Keoland lies between the Lortmil and Crystalmist mountain ranges in the fertile valleys along the banks of the Río Sheldomar (Sheldomar River). The Kingdom of Keoland was formed following the successful Medegian Crusade Against the Caliphate of Ekbir (which Keolanders refer to as Cruzada de la Libertad) in 1066 and has enjoyed relative prosperity as an overland trading hub between the east and western sides of the Oerik continent.

Keoland has had numerous conflicts with it’s northwestern neighbour, the Caliphate of Ekbir, but has held its ground. A series of forts marks its northern border along the southern extremes of the Bosque de Zarzas (Bramblewood Forest), north of the Paso del río Fals (Fals River Pass). During times of peace, traders the world over flock to the Shakara market, located in the Fals River Pass along the famous Irafa Road, where exotic goods of all description can be traded.

Kingdom of Northrun

Flag of the Kingdom of Northrun

Capital City: Amberhold
National Language: Borean
Ethnic Groups: Borean (80%), Borean Half-Elf (13%), Halfling (5%), Other (2%)
Population: 1.7 million (2460 AF census)
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Government Type: Monarchy
Head of State: King Harold III (Strouse-Amber)

The Kingdom of Northrun is a rather humble Borean feudal monarchy. Northrun’s capital is the ancient fortified city of Amberhold, located on Lake Amber’s north shore. Founded in the year 1600 AF by the Amber Dynasty, wealthy merchants from Oeridia who came to reclaim their ancestral homeland which was lost during The Fall. Northrun has weathered the storm of various wars, religious fanaticism, and foreign invasion quite well, and is now the dominant power of northwestern Borea.

Northrun’s primary export is timber, particularly hardwood, which is prized throughout the east. Northrun’s highly successful timber industry has given rise to several prominent shipbuilders who have enjoyed success in recent decades building ships for the East Aerdy Company. Northrun is also famed for its vintners, particularly those who produce wine from the local winterberries – a variety of juniper – that are grown in the area.

Kingdom of Oeridia

Flag of the Kingdom of Oeridia

Capital City: Rauxes
National Languages: Oeridian (official), Borean
Ethnic Groups: Oerid (59%), Flan (11%), Baklunish (9%), Halfling (8%), Suloise (6%), Olman (3%), Touv (2%), Other (2%)
Population: 20 million (2460 AF census)
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Government Type: Monarchy
Head of State: King Carsten VII von Kalstrand

Arguably now the dominant power in eastern Oerik, the Kingdom of Oeridia was founded following the consolidation of the disparate tribes occupying the former territory of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in the year 351 AF. Oeridia’s vast territory encompasses much of the Flanaess, from the Aerdy Sea in the east, to the Icy Sea in the north, to the very tip of the Tilvanot Peninsula in the south, and the eastern side of the Lortmil Mountains in the west.

New Greyhawk Republic

Flag of the New Greyhawk Republic

Capital City: New Greyhawk
National Languages: Oeridian (official), Flan, Dwarven, Sindarin, and Borean
Ethnic Groups: Oerid (23%), Flan (17%), Baklunish (15%), Sulouise (13%), Half-Elf (13%), Dwarven (12%), Other (7%)
Population: 2.1 million (2460 AF census)
Official Religion: None (Secular)
Government Type: Oligarchic Merchant Republic
Head of State: Council of Elders, a council of 5 elected by the major towns of Elmshire, Greyhawk, Hardby, Narwhal, and Safeton

Founded from the ashes of the Free City of Greyhawk by the surviving families shortly after The Fall, the New Greyhawk Republic (NGR) is perhaps one of the oldest surviving nations in the world. The NGR is progressive and cosmopolitan – anyone can become a citizen and build a life there, and many do.

The New Greyhawk Republic is surrounded by mountains rich in precious metals, and its location along the Selintan River makes it an important trade and travel nexus.

Sovereign Order of Steelspire

Headquarters: Steelspire, northern Borea
Languages: Iokharic (official), Borean
Official Religion: Da’vidah
Leader: Grand Master Herman von Harrast

The Sovereign Order of Steelspire, commonly referred to as The Order, is a Da’vidah religious military order founded in Steelspire in 1190 AF. The Order was formed to escort missionaries crossing Borea’s Great Central Forest and to assist with the establishment of hospitals.

The Order gained significant notoriety during the Medegian Inquisition (1240-1310 AF) when it was responsible for carrying out mass witch hunts across the Borean continent, as well as the subsequent genocide of the Elves of Gaeli’then.

The Order maintains commanderies throughout Borea, principally in the cities of Amberhold, Milnet, Alagar, Port Thera, and Naerytar.

Tian Empire

Flag of the Tian Empire

Capital City: Kasai
National Languages: Tian (official)
Ethnic Groups: Tian (77%), Elf (17%), Other (6%)
Population: 160 million (2160 AF estimate)
Official Religion: Yana
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor Shizu Yuan

The Tian Empire was formed by the Yuan dynasty following the collapse of the Minkai Empire (also known as the Sundered Empire) during The Fall. Today, Tian’s territories consist of Naresh, Mordengard, Thar, and Seameast. Its capital of Kasai lies in Thar.

Contact between Tian and the Flanaess was lost following The Fall, and only recently reestablished in 2351 by East Aerdy Company ships that had sailed east from Borea. Not long after, overseas trade routes between the Flanaess and Tian’s territories were established. The resulting cultural exchange included the introduction of matchlock firearms, galleon-style shipbuilding, and the Da’vidah religion to Tian.

Trade declined when Emperor Shizu rose to power in 2422, who feared the influence of Da’vidah in Tian, particularly the Medegian Church. The Emperor has issued a series of policies which have increasingly isolated Tian from the outside world and has limited trade with the Flanaess. Despite these policies, Tian is still responsible for a third of the world’s silver and copper production, which is traded globally.

Kingdom of Isulv

Flag of the Kingdom of Isulv

Kingdom of Vikingr

Flag of the Kingdom of Vikingr

Free Flan

Flag of the Free Flan

Kingdom of Fadric

Flag of the Kingdom of Fadric

Scarlet Republic

Flag of the Scarlet Republic


Flag of Nghere

Sultanate of Changar

Flag of the Sultanate of Changar

Hongal Khanate

Flag of the Hongol Khanate

Kingdom of Minata

Flag of the Kingdom of Minata

Eryptian Republic

Flag of the Eryptian Republic

Republic of Citlali

Flag of the Republic of Citlali


Alhuriya is a secret society dedicated to safeguarding liberty and the preservation of knowledge. They stand opposed to the efforts of the Medegian Church, which has spearheaded a long-running campaign to render the population of the world ignorant, easily cowed subjects.

Carver’s Cutthroats

A pirate organization led by the charming Captain Henry Carver. The Cutthroats were originally founded as a nameless popular movement against foreign involvement in Borea, namely the exploitation committed by the East Aerdy Company.

They are active in the Aerdy Sea along Borea’s southern coastline.

White Lotus Society

Byakuren Kyo Kyokai, the White Lotus Society, the largest organized crime syndicate on the globe, which originates out of the Tian Empire. They operate a number of vessels, acting as pirates, but in reality are privateers with the secret approval of the Tian Emperor. They target EAC ships in particular, but won’t scoff at fat targets from other nations.


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