Given that we’re playing in a setting that is somewhat more technologically advanced than your typical fantasy-medieval deal, there are some added equipment choices.

At the end of this section is a table containing the items we have added to the campaign.


Our campaign takes place in a setting similar to Earth’s late 17th century. Because of this, the equipment available is different from that of the base game.

In the case of weapons, the content here is in addition to what is contained in the Player’s Handbook but it is recommended as replacements.

In the case of armour, the content here replaces the choices in the Player’s Handbook.

Ship Weapons

Also listed are ship weapons, which operate under different rules (explained in the ship rules chapter, near the end of the guide).

What Was Common

If you want your character to fit the 17th century (late 1600s) theme of the campaign, you should consider equipping them as a soldier or adventurer of the time period. The most appropriate description one can give is that of the musketeer – equipped with a musket and a rapier.


The musket absolutely dominated the battlefield in the late 17th century. People did carry other weapons, but most often as sidearms or in situations where firearms were not practical. Common melee weapons during the period are the pike, the rapier, the broadsword, the saber, and the bardiche.

Bows were rarely seen on the battlefield, but were used by hunters and those looking for a quieter approach.


Only those who expected to engage in melee combat wore traditional armour during this time, the rest opting to forego the additional weight. The primary reason for this is that musket balls have a tendency to sail right through the thin plate that was popular during this time, rendering it useless.

Pretty well everyone did, however, wear leather buff coats, which could reliably turn a sword blade.

Cambria 2021 Expanded Equipment List


Simple Melee Weapons
Cutlass20 gp1d8 slashing4 lb
Martial Melee Weapons
Sabre30 gp1d8 slashing3 lbFinesse
Bardiche25 gp1d10 slashing7 lbHeavy, two-handed, reach
Katana40 gp1d8 slashing3 lbFinesse, versatile (1d10)
Simple Ranged Weapons
Pistol25 gp1d10 piercing3 lbsAmmunition (range 30/90), loading
Carbine40 gp1d10 piercing7 lbsAmmunition (range 40/120), loading, two-handed
Musket50 gp1d12 piercing10 lbsAmmunition (range 40/120), loading, two-handed
Martial Ranged Weapons
Rifle75 gp1d12 piercing10 lbsAmmunition (range 80/200), loading, two-handed


ItemCostArmour ClassStrengthStealthWeight
Light Armour
Arming Doublet5 gp11 + Dex modifier8 lb
Buff Coat10 gp12 + Dex modifier10 lb
Medium Armour
Cuirass400 gp14 + Dex modifier (max 2)20 lb
Half plate750 gp15 + Dex modifier (max 2)40 lb
Heavy Armour
Plate1500 gp18Str 15Disadvantage65 lb
Targe10 gp+26 lb

Adventuring Gear

Provisions5 sp2 lbRations, but stored for ship-goers.
Repair Materials100 gp100 lbRestores 1 hull point of a ship.
Mana Potion50 gp1 lbRestores 1 spell point. Not available in stores.
Greater Mana Potion100 gp1 lbRestores 2 spell points. Not available in stores.

Ship Weapons

Swivel Gun500 gp1d6 piercingShort (5)Ammunition
Light Cannon1000 gp1d8 piercingMedium (10)Ammunition
Medium Cannon1500 gp1d10 piercingLong (20)Ammunition
Heavy Cannon2000 gp2d6 piercingMedium (10)Ammunition
Carronade2500 gp2d8 piercingShort (5)Ammunition
Scorpion2250 gp1d6 piercingShort (5)Ammunition, Special

Special Note: The equipment in the Foundry should reflect the values shown in the tables above. Whenever a discrepancy is found, please notify the GM immediately.


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