Character Creation

Creating a character for the Cambria campaign works a little differently than what you’re used to. Please follow this section carefully as there are numerous changes and special restrictions.

Character Creation Steps

Creating a character for the Cambria campaign involves three steps:

  1. First, submit a character concept to the Game Master via Discord direct message. The GM will discuss this concept with you to make sure that it is a good fit for the campaign setting and the current party.
  2. Second, you will fill in a character background form (explained below).
  3. Finally, you will fill in a character sheet on Foundry VTT. It is recommended that you keep a backup in a format of your choosing, such as on D&D Beyond (but keep in mind that we use a number of custom rules and features that D&D Beyond might not support).

Character Concept

Your character concept is a sales pitch of sorts, and is your opportunity to discuss the type of character you want to play in the campaign. Focus on broad strokes, including things like their personality, upbringing, race, gender, age, and class.

Background Form

This is the real meat and potatoes of any character, and you’ll find that this part is far more important than what usually goes onto your character sheet! This is your opportunity to create a character that is well rooted within the world of Cambria and is enjoyable to play and develop.

Please fill out the following form, which was designed to get you thinking of the various bits that make for an interesting, well-rounded character: Character Background Form

Starting Level

All characters begin at average party level (APL). You can find the current APL in the Dramatis Personae.

Levelling Up

Cambria utilizes a custom experience point reward system. Players are no longer rewarded for simply defeating enemies, but are instead encouraged to engage with the world in constructive ways. See the table below for a breakdown on how XP is rewarded:

Participated in the game session.10 xp
Made progress towards a party goal.10 xp
Overcame a dangerous event, using violent or non-violent means.10 xp
Risked life for a party member.10 xp
Followed personal moral code in spite of risk to self or group.10 xp
Remained in character for the duration of the session.10 xp
Discovered something new about Cambria and/or its denizens.10 xp
Adhered to player etiquette guidelines.10 xp
VIP Supporter Bonus10 xp

Note: Each item in the table above can only be earned once, per player, per session.

Ability Scores

Ability scores are determined the “old school” way, by rolling. Stats can be rolled in the campaign chat on Discord by using the !randchar command. You may reroll these stats until you roll a total (the sum of all six values) of 70 or more.

Playable Races

All of the official D&D 5th edition playable races are available in this campaign, but keep in mind that many of them may be quite different from how they are usually presented. Given the unique setting, the various races behave and interact with the world and its citizens in an equally unique way. Consult with the GM during your character concept pitch and be prepared to collaborate in order to create the kind of character you wish to play.

For some more interesting choices, please direct yourself to the Race Guide hub or contact the GM.

Playable Classes

All official classes from D&D 5th edition are available to play in Cambria. In addition, the following classes and archetypes have been made available for play:

  • Blademaster. A fighter archetype custom built for our campaign.
  • Shinobi. Get your ninja on with this 3rd party class from Middle Finger of Vecna.
  • Scholar. Be at the forefront of knowledge with this 3rd party class from Sterling Vermin Co.
  • Investigator. Solve all the mysteries with this 3rd party class from Middle Finger of Vecna.
  • Witch. Get them and their little dogs, too, with this 3rd party class from Middle Finger of Vecna.
  • Illrigger. Serve the Devil with this 3rd party class from MCDM.
  • Revised Ranger. Suck less with this Unearthed Arcana revision that should have been how the Ranger was out of the gate.

Advanced Backgrounds

Our campaign utilizes the standard Background system found in the Player’s Handbook, as well as an optional, more advanced version called Advanced Backgrounds. This system is robust and therefore has its own article.

The Fun Clause

If at any point in time you are not enjoying the character you have created, you may ask for a “respec” and make changes to your character to fit the new direction you wish to take yours in. Changes can include your class, subclass/archetype, spells, and equipment.

You will then collaborate with the Game Master to retcon whatever is necessary to make your new direction fit the campaign and your backstory.

If you cannot figure out how to carry on with your current character, you can always ask to try out a new one. Your old character will be quietly retired (or die in a suitably heroic fashion) and you can be introduced as your new character, as soon as you complete the usual process described here.

Starting Equipment

You begin play with equipment and gold as laid out by your chosen class and advanced background.

You may qualify for additional starting gold and items when beginning play at a level higher than 1. See the table below for details:

Character LevelAdditional GoldStarting Magic Items
33002 Common
45003 Common
55001 Uncommon, 2 Common
61,0001 Uncommon, 2 Common
72,0002 Uncommon, 2 Common
83,0002 Uncommon, 2 Common
93,0002 Uncommon, 2 Common
104,0003 Uncommon
115,0003 Uncommon
127,0003 Uncommon, 1 Rare
1310,0003 Uncommon, 1 Rare
1413,0003 Uncommon, 1 Rare
1514,0003 Uncommon, 2 Rare
1617,0003 Uncommon, 2 Rare
1720,0003 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 1 Very Rare
1825,0003 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 1 Very Rare
1930,0004 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 1 Very Rare
2035,0004 Uncommon, 3 Rare, 2 Very Rare
Additional gold and magic items per starting level.

Magic item choices are always subject to GM approval.


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