Player Etiquette

The following are things that are expected of you as a player in this campaign. Please read them carefully. Showing up for a session signifies agreement.

Read the Campaign Guide (this website that you’re viewing now is our campaign guide). Familiarize yourself with the content here and check back for updates.

Show up on time for scheduled game sessions. When you are unable to show up to a game session, give as much notice as possible – don’t just ghost us.

Pay attention during game sessions, even if it isn’t your turn to act or you are somehow unable to act at that point in time (such as when your character is incapacitated or in another place). Be attentive, take good notes, and be present for the duration.

Come prepared to play. Ensure that your computer, microphone, and any other necessary technology is working prior to each session. Have your character sheet ready and know the various mechanical features, abilities, and spells that are available to your character and be prepared to use them without undue delay.

Share the spotlight with the rest of the players. Ask other group members what they want their character to do in a given situation. Ask other group members for their opinions when forming a plan. Look for moments to set others up for success. Understand others’ character motivations and help build the story toward important moments for each of them.

Avoid metagaming at all costs, even if it means the loss of your character.

NEVER argue with the Game Master during game sessions. For any reason. Over any topic. Instead, directly message the GM and have a conversation about whatever is bothering you. If it can wait until after the session, then wait until after the session.

Always acquire narrative consent from other players whenever the actions of your character may interfere with their own. Be a team player and don’t step on others’ shoes.

Resolve any interpersonal conflicts with other players outside of the game, not during sessions.

Create a well-rounded character and role play that character as realistically as possible.

Understand that permanent character death is an integral part of the game. Take it graciously if it happens, and then build another character.

Be respectful of everyone at all times.

Understand that failure to meet these expectations will result in us asking you to leave.


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