Attendance Reward System

Note: This system was used in a previous campaign and is no longer being utilized.

Players who show up to every session on time, stay for the duration, and remain actively engaged in the game should be rewarded. This system allows for rewards to be given in a fair manner, without breaking the game.

Attendance Points

The system is based around attendance points, which are rewarded for punctuality and engagement.

Earning Points

Attending a session will always earn you at least one point. Showing up on time, staying for the duration, and remaining engaged throughout will earn you a second point. Contributing meaningfully to the session notes in the campaign journal will earn you a third point (one per session).

Spending Points

Your earned points can be spent on a variety of boons and items at any time, even during the middle of a session.

2 points = 20 gp

4 points = health top-up

8 points = 500 gp

12 points = +1 to an ability score

16 points = a magic item of your choice (GM discretion)

24 points = +1 character level (please don’t ask for this during a session, as we’ll have to pause the game as you level up!)

32 points = special template

Tracking Points

Accrued points are tracked per player, not character, and are logged in the Dramatis Personae.


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